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"How desirable it is that fresh sausage, dairy and other foods stay fresh and durable, look appetising for longer and retain their flavour!"

Hardly anyone knows more about this fact than our company Graf Verpackungen GmbHbecause we have been researching and working on the production and further development of wrapping papers for over 30 years now. And this with great success!

Throughout Germany, bakeries, butchers, restaurant chains and food markets such as Edeka, Netto, Marktkauf, Globus as well as the delicatessen temples Dallmayr and the traditional butcher Vinzenz Murr rely on our extra-fine and high-quality wrapping papers.

We don't see "quality freshness preservation" as a routine job, but as a challenge and a science in itself, because it is not based on the quality of the papers used alone. High-quality, environmentally and consumer-friendly foils and their bonding to the paper also play an important role. Of course, we also keep the aspect of sustainability in focus.

Our company founder Klaus Graf († 2020) acquired his technical knowledge at Vereinigte Papierwarenfabriken and at the beginning of his entrepreneurial career was not above "canvassing" textile markets and fruit shops for orders for paper bags.
Early on, Klaus Graf had the great vision and also the inventive spirit to produce special wrapping paper for food. The food market demanded a rethink: "Away from parchment and waxed paper!", and so the market was open to the successful company founder with his ideas.

The starting signal for Graf Verpackungen GmbH Graf Verpackungen GmbH was given in 1994 in the small Middle Franconian village of Dürrwangen, where Klaus Graf began the production of his wrapping papers with a handful of employees and only one machine and a lot of commitment.

Our current CEO and "woman of the first hour", Mrs Gudrun Adelhof, remembers:

"At that time, trucks did not yet come and unload rolls of paper weighing tons! The boss still drove personally to Saarland to buy paper!"

After moving to the Dinkelsbühl/Sinbronn industrial estate, our company now processes around 7,000 tonnes of paper/year. A semi-trailer load leaves the depot every day. And in the meantime, Graf's products are appreciated all over Europe, in the USA and Israel! The strengths of our small high-performance factory were and are our speed, reliability, high quality and technological progress!

In fact, many of the producing machines of Graf Verpackungen GmbH Graf Verpackungen GmbH have been developed in-house and/or have been modified internally so that these machines meet our quality standard as well as our technical requirements! Nowadays, the joining of paper and foil as well as the printing are done in one step and our special gluing technique is the key to the freshness effect. This special gluing technique is still unique and our patented viewing windows of the wrapping papers offer additional benefits to the consumer. Graf's wrapping papers stand for the preservation of aromatic freshness for a longer time in the refrigerator.

Furthermore, we also produce real featherweights among the wrapping papers. This means that grocery shops can relax in the face of government weight checks, and the packaging itself conveys a special appetising quality to the consumer. The extra-thin, supple paper in which fast food delicacies such as "burgers" or "chicken" are sold over the counter has a very fine feel.

We also see ourselves as a kind of special printer.We can print our food papers with the accuracy of a fraction of a millimetre in all conceivable colour shades with food-safe water-based inks.

Our company does everything to meet the highest standards in addition to the strict legal requirements. We are proud to be able to present the "BRC GS" certificate continuously over the years. This requires complete documentation, traceability and strict criteria for production. Absolutely taboo in our production process are nanoparticles (such as tiny plastic particles), as well as substances suspected of causing allergies and mineral oil residues. Certificates and regular tests prove that Graf's products are free of these. Food-safe machine oils and greases round off the protection.

Many of our employees have learned the profession of packaging technologist or media technologist/print. Creativity, conscientiousness, sensitivity and understanding of colour are prerequisites and a matter of course for our employees.

"Highest production standards, quality, safety and sustainability were, are and will remain our claim in our wrapping papers!"

Gudrun Adelhof, CEO

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