"The alternativ
wrapper generation!"

ÖKO-Barrierefrisch Einwickelpapiere – die Innovation der Graf Verpackungen GmbH!

Plastic-free wrapping paper for sausage, meat, cheese, fish, burgers, wraps and all other SNACKS to go.

Convince your customers with fresh products in natural packaging without plastics.

Our new wrapping papers are available in white and brown.

Product features
• 30 g/m²
• Fat density incorporated in virgin fibers, FSC®-Mix-Credit
• PFAS-free, free of MOSH/MOAH
• fat density corresponds to KIT 7-8
• Nassfest > 15 %
• compostable according to EN 13432
• biodegradable
• recyclable as paper
• suitable for keeping warm according to Bfr 36/1
released up to 90°
• allergen-free

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