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Graf Verpackungen GmbH has been the largest German manufacturer of special wrapping papers for over thirty years.

Our production uses the most modern flexography inline printers and face cutting machines. The most beautiful image prints up to six colours and almost all formats are challenges we gladly accept. We are known as the inventor of dot gluing, which we have further developed into the patent-protected ARCATA® adhesion. The contents feel so comfortable in our wrappers that the freshness retention properties cannot be beaten. Other innovations from our company are BIO TOPfrisch and SNACKfrisch. Here, too, we set standards. SNACKfrisch makes the SNACK a real treat. Bakery wrappers, butcher wrappers, tissue and bread papers, parchment substitutes, organic papers and grass papers with bio-based barrier round off our product range.

Unser Leitsatz: „Alles ist möglich und das in bester Qualität!“

Our nature
More important than ever!

WE keep our promise.

UNDER THIS ASPECT we check and

That means: 

We cover our own energy needs through "combined heat and power". The energy we do not need is fed back into the public grid. We set ourselves the task of reducing the use of materials and perfecting internal logistics. Our papers are 100% recyclable thanks to biodegradable and recyclable raw, auxiliary and operating materials as well as water-based printing inks, and are returned to the natural cycle. All printing waste is separated and reprocessed in the recycling process.

Furthermore, we pay attention to short delivery routes of our suppliers, waste avoidance, CO² reduction and the use of sustainable raw materials. In this way, we exploit all possibilities that we can directly influence. 

We stand by our responsibility, according to the motto: "Protect, stabilise and at the same time promote our ecosystem".

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